Who are we? What do we do?

Beijing HTWB petroleum technology co., LTD., and wholly owned subsidiary company Yantai Hengtai Petroleum  technology  co., LTD. are committed to the full range of directional drilling business development and technical services; Our company has domestic authority  technical research and development team, focusing on independent intellectual property rights MWD, LWD, NBM and RSS  development and production.

Our Goal

Provide the safe, efficient, super stability of the product to clients and supply the first-class after-sale guarantee as our consistent pursuit and goal.

Our Products and Market

Our efficient and stable MWD/LWD with Gamma and Resistivity etc. in the domestic leading level. Our new product NBM and RSS has entered the stage of industrialization, started large-scale application in domestic and international major oil and gas fields. HTWB has establish very good relationship with many large directional drilling service companies  both domestic and abroad.

Our After Sale Service

We significantly improve clients’ work efficiency with timely fit maintenance and logistical support, which gained consistent confirms and good reputation. Our maintenance capability is leading domestic level because of the scientific logistical service and support stemming from the classic equipment maintenance technology and normative maintenance procedure. Equipped with experienced technical service team, our company can independently supply technical engineering service and job and completely meet the clients’ requirements for personnel training.

Our Engineering Service

Our company owned MWD, LWD engineering service team. We could undertake any kind of Well-type and Well-condition MWD engineering service depending on advanced self-developed MWD/LWD tools and experienced high quality engineer team. Currently, we have completed many horizontal Wells for whole Wells job with MWD tools in different large oil and gas fields at home, and we also completed many large deviation directional Wells in international market. On the basis of work experience for many years, we completely are able to take the MWD project contracting service with Down-hole circulating temperature reaching 135 ℃ and horizontal wells with horizontal segment displacement reaching 1000 m.

Our Future

Our company broke through constantly in domestic market and our market share is rising year by year depending on professional classic R&D team, precise and efficient after sales spirit. We are expanding domestic market, meanwhile we exploit overseas market and establish well cooperative relationship with many directional drilling service companies overseas. We believe that our self-developed directional drilling equipments will spread its tracks all over the world in the near future, but our pursuit for good quality of products and services will remain unchanged!


Development History

  • 2005

    Yantai Hengtai Petroleum Technology Co., LTD. was founded

  • 2008

    Beijing HTWB Petroleum Technology Co., LTD. was founded

  • 2009

    With the complete intellectual property MWD R&D success and come into service

  • 2010

    With the complete intellectual property LWD R&D success and come into service

  • 2011

    With the complete intellectual property high temperature measuring instrument R&D success and come into use.

  • 2013

    Electromagnetic wave resistivity measurement while drilling instrument R&D success and come into use

  • 2015

    Beijing HTWB Petroleum Technology Co.,LTD shareholding-system reform success

    The New Name: Beijing HTWB Petroleum Technology Incorporated Corporation

  • 2016

    Base ground breaking of Yantai Hengtai Petroleum Technology Co.,LTD

The Chairman's Speech

Beijing HTWB Petroleum Technology co.,Ltd

——Chairman Of The Board Zenxin Gao(MR.)
We devoted ourselves to become the world's leading oilfield MWD / LWD equipment manufacturer and operation services supplier. HTWB’s vision is becoming a company which is established in China while has global concentration in the MWD / LWD industry. Our goal is to use our advanced equipment and engineering technology to become a company which is able to grow continuously and rapidly, meanwhile has the ability to provide customers with highly added profit value. Our QHSE commitment is guarantee the consistent attitude towards quality, health, safety and the environment at any place, and any time.