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System Introduction

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HT-LWD/MWD are independent research and development with intellectual property rights by Beijing HTWB Petroleum technology co.,LTD and wholly owned subsidiary Yantai Hengtai Petroleum technology co.,LTD.The entire system has high reliability, high stability, high accuracy,high temperature resistance and other advantages, can accurately measure the azimuth of borehole trajectory and hole deviation,also can measure the resistivity value, gamma,annular pressure, circulating temperature at the bottom in different investigation depth.System operating temperature range from 25 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, the tools has strong maneuverability,strong extensibility,can test, assembly, disassembly at the rigsite, and can adapt to the conventional and unconventional oil and gas field, shale gas, shale oil and so on different working conditions, through the flexible adjustment of downhole assembly, have several kinds of operating modes, such as high build-up rate,can meet variety of  while drilling measurement requirements.

· The entire HT-LWD/MWD system is including surface system and downhole system,downhole system including resisitivity, directional probe, gamma probe and pulser,the surface system including DIB,DMS box,DDU and surface computer etc.As shown in the figure below:

二、HT-LWD/MWD Technical Feature

1、High measurement precision, can fully meet the drilling requirements

2、Strong ability to adapt to the working condition, high temperature resistance (150 ℃), Long signal transmission distance, suitable for deep well and ultra deep well work environment.

3、Can meet the requirements of all well size and specifications (4-3/4 ", 1/2 "6", 8 -, 9-5/8 ", 12-1/4 ", 17-1/2 ");

4、Downhole tools to implement self-powered, more safe and economic and environmental.

5、Safe and Reliable System:Explosion-proof safety boxes are kept separate from the ground equipment, guarantee the security, protect the system.

6、Fast transmission speed: transfer one set tool surface only need 11 seconds,one set gamma tool surface only need 22 seconds.

7、 Short survey time: long measuring time only need 3.5 minutes, short measuring time only need 2.5 minutes;

8、Short tool length: MWD - 2.9 meters, MWDS + gamma 4.2 meters, LWD - 11.6 meters.

9、Adopt the positive pulse transmission technology with high signal intensity

三、HT-LWD/MWD System Parameters