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HT-650 High Temperature Operation Report

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Well NO. Chengu-H305  Drilling Crew:Liaohe70131 Tools:HT-MWD650



Chengu-H305 well designed borehole 215.9mm,design depth 5817.25m,vertical depth 4630m, KOP is 4250m ,horizontal section 1100m. Chengu-H303 well is the most depth horizontal well ever design before in Liaohe Oilfield,expected static temperature between 145-155 degrees at the bottom, very difficult for construction, we are facing great challenges.


MWD Performance:

1.Tools run in hole at 20:00 on 15th spring 2011, run in hole depth is 4180m,till 09:30 on 11th June 2011 the depth is 5730m,tools using time 1320 hours with trouble free.


2.Tools keep excellent performance with strong signal,fast transmission and low error rate at the depth of 5730m.


3.After the down-hole tools pull out of the well, the pulser and probe with good condition and no erosion after test. The spare parts don't need to replace, assembled again wait for the next well test.



4.Tools run in hole with pumping pressure 15-25MPa,drilling finish with 16 trips from the depth 4180m to 5730m,the total operation time are 1320 hours with trouble free.