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HT MWD instrument's report of Chongqing shale gas projects

PublishDate:2016-05-27 17:40:43 Font:[ large middle Small ]

Chongqing unconventional shale gas project is one of the key project of SINOPEC , responsible for the project construction company are: Jianghan drilling company and Zhongyuan drilling company. Has successfully completed the JY-2,JY-8, JY-32 platform and others more than hundreds of shale gas horizontal directional drilling jobs and refresh several records.

ht-mwd in chongqing

The unconventional shale gas project located at Chongqing-Fuling area, mainly are cluster Wells, using oil-base mud, special stratum structure and oil-based mud enhance the requirement for seismic performance, oil resistance, measurement accuracy of MWD.

According to the requirements of the SINOPEC, combined with the construction requirements of the project, the company adopts new technology, new material, new craft upgrade the key parts of the MWDS/LWD, renewal and improve equipment performance, reduces the equipment failure rate, improve the drilling speed, shorten the drilling cycle and substitute for imported equipment, better adapted to the development and utilization of shale gas & natural gas well and save a lot of cost for oilfield, becoming the only large-scale adaptation drilling equipment of shale gas development

Now our equipment has been widely used in Fuling, Yibin, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Hunan and other Chinese shale gas, natural gas block, make our due contribution to shale gas development and utilization in China.